In response to the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 and the final rule by the FAA for drones, JHU has issued policy  OPS007 (requires JHED to view) concerning the operation of Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UASs), also known as drones. This website has been established to assist operators in meeting the requirements of that policy.

You are required to receive a formal review and flight clearance for your flight plan from the JHU Drone Committee before:

  1. Flying over the Homewood campus, East Baltimore campus, or any other university property.
  2. Flying under the aegis of the Johns Hopkins University anywhere, for any purpose.
  3. Using your drone to photograph activities or buildings on university property.

All drones must be registered and flight plans are required for all operations in the National Air Space, whether recreational (Model Aircraft Users) or commercial flights as defined by the FAA. See the FAA UAS website for more information.

You can register your drone by sending a drone registration form to [email protected] For a copy of the Drone Registration Form.

You can register your flight plan by sending a copy for review – [email protected] For a copy of the Flight Plan Form.

The Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus is located within 5 miles of 13 helipads. To facilitate these notifications and maximize safety, JHU has chosen to file NOTAMS for all flights. The RPIC is responsible for filing this notification. Before submitting your flight plan for clearance be sure to have the full text of the NOTAM included on the Flight plan form. If you have questions contact Chris Gunther <[email protected]>

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